Project Description

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Language is more than mere communication; it is a tool for thinking, for the intelligentsia, for culture and history. Linguistic poverty has always been around the youth, thought not limited. The project Lexipedia contributes to the linguistic education of teenagers and the development of their vocabulary in a highly attractive way. The project motivates students, educators and agencies in Greece, Hungary and Romania. It aims to plan, realize and assess a vocabulary bee, with contestants high-school students between the ages of 13 & 14.

At least 90 students will be directly engaged with the project, in addition to a number of supporting actors.
In a number of distinct phases, the project manages the creation of a lexicon, its translation, the training of the spelling bee contestants by enriching their vocabulary and their knowledge, the contests and, finally, the Greek, Hungarian, Romanian and English editions of a report that will present the process and the results of the vocabulary contest scheme. Proper feedback and dissemination, as well as future applications, are of high importance, thus all partners will act accordingly by promoting the educational tools in the three member states and beyond.

COORDINATOR: Mentores (Larisa, Greece)
PARTNERS: Debrecen Summer School (Debrecen, Hungary), Ecological Tourism Association Camena (Malovat-Mehedinti, Romania